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Urine Drug Testing With Kashi Toxicology

Protect your patients. Protect your practice. Protect your community.

We are dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with accurate, timely, and cost-effective urine drug testing for improved patient health and safety.

Kashi Toxicology offers

  • Quantitative urine toxicology testing for more than 50 substances
  • Monitoring for alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications and illicit drugs
  • Use of the latest gold-standard LC-MS/MS laboratory testing methodologies
  • Monitor treatment compliance, especially in patients requiring long-term or multi-drug therapy
  • 24-to-48 hour turnaround from time of specimen delivery
  • Easy to read test requisition forms
  • Actionable and comprehensive reports

Why Clinical Urine Drug Testing?

Urine drug testing supports patients and healthcare providers on multiple fronts. From evaluating and treating first-time patients to monitoring an ongoing treatment plan, urine drug testing can assist in evaluating medication adherence, and identifying undisclosed substances that may interfere with a treatment plan or affect patient safety.1 As a result, clinicians are better armed to advocate for their patients and detect potential drug abuse and/or diversion.

phone-iconMake Kashi's testing services part of your treatment planning.
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