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Pain Management – Urine Drug Testing

Prescription medication abuse accounts for a significant percentage of drug use in the United States.1

In fact, nonmedical use of prescription medications is now the second most prevalent category of illicit drug abuse after marijuana in U.S. adolescents and young adults, and in 2012, it was the leading cause of injury death for those 25-64, surpassing deaths due to car accidents.2,3

Why Test?

With opioid painkillers representing a key element of pain management, urine drug testing has become more essential as healthcare providers ensure their patients are adhering to their treatment plans. Routine urine drug testing also allows for the detection of illicit or unauthorized drugs that may not have been disclosed by the patient.4 Developing strong testing guidelines in your practice can help prevent prescription drug abuse, misuse, and diversion. Kashi Toxicology provides prescription pain medication monitoring services to physicians that includes rapid 24-48 hour turnaround from time of specimen delivery.

Medication Monitoring Provides:

  • Confirmation that patients are taking and metabolizing medication appropriately
  • Identification of aberrant drug-related behavior such as undisclosed drug use, poor compliance with treatment, and diversion
  • Support patients in meeting therapy goals and improve health and safety
  • Objective documentation of the prescription and the patient's drug adherence
  • A starting point for consult or referral

Why Kashi Toxicology is the best choice:

  • Quantitative urine drug testing on over 50 substances
  • State of the art testing methodologies, including LC/MS
  • Among the fastest turnaround times in the industry
  • Accessible scientific team for in-depth toxicology consultation
  • Easy access to test results via fax or HIPAA-compliant Web portal
  • Highly-trained customer support team available to assist with test ordering and report interpretation

phone-iconMake Kashi's testing services part of your treatment planning.
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