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With its increasing recognition as a valuable component of health care diagnosis and treatment, more insurers are now covering most of the cost of testing services. Kashi Clinical Laboratories is committed to providing high-quality testing services to health care providers and their patients, and we want to ensure patients receive all of the tests prescribed for their treatment.

Our Billing Policies

For testing services, most insured patients are billed deductibles, co‐insurance, and/or co‐payments as required by their insurance provider.

Most insurance providers, with some exceptions, require Kashi Clinical Laboratories to bill patients for any applicable deductible, co‐insurance, and/or co‐payment, based on explanations of benefits ("EOBs") or similar statements furnished by the insurer. These amounts are determined by your insurer.

When Kashi Clinical Laboratories is not contracted with an insurance plan, we typically bill patients for the amount designated by their plan as the patient's responsibility, including any balance remaining on the bill if the insurer pays less than the "usual and customary," "reasonable," or "allowable" charge (collectively the "Allowable Charge") for the services provided. The Allowable Charge will be determined by your insurer on the EOB. If the full Allowable Charge is paid to Kashi Clinical Laboratories by the insurer, patients will not be billed by Kashi.

Patient Assigned Insurance Payments

In some instances. insurers may send their portion of payment for Kashi's services directly to patients. Patients that receive an insurer's check for services provided by Kashi Clinical Laboratories are responsible for forwarding this payment to Kashi Clinical Laboratories. Please write on the back of the check "Pay to Kashi Clinical Laboratories," sign the check, and then mail it to Kashi at the address below:

Kashi Clinical Laboratories
Payment Processing Department
10101 SW Barbur Blvd., Suite 200
Portland, OR 97219

In cases where insurer payments to patients are not forwarded to Kashi Clinical Laboratories in a timely manner, an outside collection agency may be employed.

Patient Billing, Non-insured Patients and Payment Plans

Kashi Clinical Laboratories recognizes that in some circumstances cost may be a barrier to testing. It is important to us that patients receive the care they need for quality health outcomes. If cost is a barrier to testing, please call our customer service center at (877) 879-1815, to see if your patient qualifies for one of our special payment options. These may include:

All patients are encouraged to call our customer service center at (877) 879-1815 with questions or concerns about their bill. Our customer service center is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST).

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